Services & Repairs

We specialize in the repair of all wind instruments, be it brasswind or woodwind. Because of the nature of the work, it’s very difficult for us to give prices without first seeing your instrument. You may feel free to give us a call, but the most common answer we give over the phone is to come on in and let us have a look. Because every situation is a bit different, we don’t really have flat prices on our repairs. All estimates are free (unless they require more than half an hour to complete), and are specific to what’s needed on your instrument to bring it up to the best of its capabilities.

In the case that an extremely small repair or adjustment is needed, most of the time we can accommodate you immediately, depending on the situation and weekly schedule of other repairs.

The basic breakdown on payment is a 2 part process: Parts + Labor. The easiest way to envision the process is just like when you have your car worked on. We do an estimate, let you know what’s going on with the instrument, and with your approval we then perform the repair. If at any point something happens during the repair process that indicates the estimate may be more than originally quoted, we will immediately call you before continuing work on the instrument and discuss the issue with you.

Most of the time, the parts are much less than the labor, depending on the job being performed, and the amount of time it takes to properly repair your instrument. We have the ability to special order parts for most instruments (major name brands), brass or woodwind, that will be guaranteed to fit your instrument. Labor is determined at an hourly rate and is subject to change, feel free to give us a call to find out about current rates and general questions.

Often we have a lot of repairs in queue at the shop, so you may be asked to schedule a future date to bring in your horn for repair. We also have plenty of storage, and if you are able, you can leave your instrument with us and it will be kept safely until its scheduled repair time. If needed, we also have a rental program that you can take advantage of while your main instrument is being repaired, so you are not left without an instrument to play. Rental horns are subject to stock and availability.

We pride ourselves on our work, and it shows. The emphasis on quality and care of your instrument while in our hands is paramount, and we take every precaution to make sure that the utmost care is used when performing repairs and adjustments on your horn. We consider ourselves a “high end” shop, and we approach our work from a different  perspective than many repair shops with a “get it in – get it out” mentality. We make sure that the owner can have the best possible response, sound, and experience with their instrument, no matter what it takes.